"On a frigid, rainy Tuesday in January, Ditmas Parkers squeezed into the cozy faux-log-cabin outpost perched in Sycamore’s backyard. Huddled around a crackling “fire” and heat lamps, this devoted literary crowd gathered for Ditmas Lit, the neighborhood’s newest (and only) smash-hit reading series."


"Writers and bookworms unite! Announcing the new Ditmas Park reading series hosted by Rachel Lyon and Sarah Bridgins, featuring writers in all genres. This month we’ll hear from Wren Hanks, Cynthia Manick, Ben Lasman, and Ryan Teitman."

The Rumpus

"Tuesday 12/20: …Isaac Fitzgerald, Jeanne Thornton, Gabrielle Moss, and Tommy “Teebs” Pico join the inaugural reading of the Ditmas Lit Reading series. The Lodge at Sycamore, 8 p.m., free."


Electric Literature

18 Free or Cheap Literary Reading Series in NYC

Ditmas Lit Reading Series blends a diverse and prolific array of emerging and established writers from every genre to share writing in Ditmas Park. Past readings have included literary icons like Alice Sola Kim, Leslie Jamison, and Tommy Pico.

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The Paris Review

"Ditmas Lit is a monthly reading series in the back of a bar called Hinterlands. The chairs fill up, and so about half the audience sits on the floor, drinking. There’s no representative style. One minute it’s erotic poetry, the next its a story called “Pancake Spring.” What unifies the events is the sense of occasion. D. L. readers appreciate that if you’re going to schlep to a bar on a Wednesday night and have a piece read to you, rather than read it yourself in bed, as God intended, then the experience may as well feature some element of showmanship. They choose work they’re excited about. They speak into the microphone. They bring it."

The Rumpus

"Notable NYC, 4/15-4/31: Kate Clifford, Sara Lippmann, Rachel Sherman, and Shayne Terry join Ditmas Lit at the Hinterlands. Hinterlands Bar, 8 p.m., free.

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Brooklyn Based

"Tuesday marks the inaugural event put on by the brand new Ditmas Park reading series, Ditmas Lit, in the heated backyard Lodge at Sycamore Bar and Flower Shop. The series will feature emerging and established writers in all genres, and it will take place at 8pm on the third Tuesday of each month through March."


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In the back of the bar where the wallflowers bloom, fans of syllables and sounds gather for Ditmas Park's most cozy and joy-filled monthly reading series hosted by locals, Rachel Lyon and Sarah Bridgins. 


"This bar is fully booked! Book worms in Ditmas Park will have a new chance to nerd out—and booze up—in their own neighborhood starting next week. The creators of Ditmas Lit… aim to showcase local talent and give literature lovers a chance to bond over booze, books, and tacos."

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English Kills Review

"The New York City Reading Series Census is an ongoing project to catalogue the contemporary literary scene. Any reading series curator in the New York area can take the survey here."

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"Show your love of words at the inaugural Ditmas Lit reading, with BuzzFeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald, Lambda Literary fellow Jeanne Thornton, satirist Gabrielle Moss, and poet Tommy “Teebs” Pico."